Saturday, May 26, 2001

wow, i havnt updated in a while. the most important news is.... I GRADUATED!!!! Finally... The first hurdle has been lept and I am now confronted with college. I got a CD from Cal Poly the other day showing off the SLO area. wow. well, i am not much in the writing mood so i am going to leave it at that. peace.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

whoa, no updates in a long time. been busy, unmotivated, and too sleepy to do anything about it. well, i took my last AP test today. Physics C is a bastard and it made me its bitch. in fact physics C sold me for a pack of cigarettes and 2 bars of soap on a rope. its aiight though, i knew i would fail it. I got my first graduation present today. 50 bucks in fact. i havnt had that kinda money in ages. i think that i might put it in my savings account and not spend all my graduation presents willy-nilly. I heard that the dual athlon chipset was on sale in Germany. lucky germans.... dual athlon systems are going to fucking scream. i've narrowed down my next two computer purchases to a webcam and another 20 gig 7200 rpm hard drive to set up in raid 0. i can get both of those for around $150. i get to sleep in tomorrow, thats kick ass cause all those other highschoolers have to go. hahahah, its such a whoop ass feeling. well, this post is getting too long. lata

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

aahhhhhhhhhh, I HATE AP TESTS!!!!! anyway, i took the AP English Literature test. Failed it i'm sure. I'm really pissed off about it too. I worked so hard all year and my reward is to freeze and fuck up. oh well, there is always the CLEP test.... anyway, I was supposed to take Computer Science AB today but I was totally unprepared. The way that they did the case study was totally unfair. I guess I will just have that as a blowoff class in college. English Language is tomorrow. I feel confident I will rip it a new asshole because I am pissed off about the Lit test still. Thats all thats happening in Evanville. Peace

Sunday, May 06, 2001

yo yo yo yo... yea, so anyway its sunday and I am not at work whoo hoo. the downside is that i am working at US history. So far i've made 100 flash cards and have many left to do. i just got back from Aunt Stella's snowcones in Oakcliff. pretty damn good i must say. it was nice to take a study break and go see laura. i gots to clean my room now before my mother scalps me. lata

Saturday, May 05, 2001

no updates in a day, what the hell is wrong with me. anyway, its saturday so that means chore day. i woke up, cleaned my room and bathroom, vacuumed, nothing too bad. i went to lunch with Will Hodges and we went thrift store shopping. I got some neat stuff for 5 bucks. Will Dooley is coming over as i type this, we were going to go skating but it started to rain. now we are going to Starbucks for some free coffee. yesterday i got all my calpoly stuff squared away as far as classes go. where i am going to live is still up in the air. as for tonight i am going to go see 'With a Friend Like Harry' with Laura. Oh yea, Will and Meghan started dating I guess. Thats kinda whacky. Sucks that he waited so long. Hopefully he will have learned his lesson. gotta go.

Thursday, May 03, 2001

HURRAY FOR ME! I successfully completed my last day of highschool. I still have to go the next few days for AP exams but damn, what a relief. As I reflect on my highschool times I realize that I made some great friends and had some awesome times. I also think that I learned a little bit along the way. Thanks to all the teachers who gave much more time and effort then their paycheck reflects. Thanks for the great memories. Thanks for letting me get the hell out! Well now I look forward along the path of my life to college. I worked out the two classes I am taking in the summer. Calculus 141 and Speech Comm 101. Im really getting excited now, its all happening so fast though. ahhh, well anyway, thats about it..

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

this is a test to make sure that my blog works. anyway, stay tuned or whatever